Cool gear

Yesterday I got myself some new toys.

It’s weird, though, because all my life I have been content with fingers, small bamboo sticks (the sort you use for sateh) and odds and ends like pins or needles. And now I’ve spent some money on these, admittedly, very nice tools.

The first thing I’m going to do is fix the details on the face of this young lady who is about to become a mother in the next, say, twenty minutes.

Although, not today, since tomorrow is Krita bug day, and I am standing by on #krita, ready to help anyone who wants to get the latest Krita running on their hardware. (You can’t really test Krita in a vm, I’m afraid, since much of the issues are with graphics cards or with the use of tablets.)

Kubuntiac and I have, independently, tried to make the OpenSUSE build service build Krita packages from trunk, but Krita is a bit more complex than the average application, so we haven’t succeeded in taming OBS yet. It’s more complex than getting Krita to compile on your system, so don’t be discouraged.