My camera recognizes her!

At least, it recognizes this portrait study as a face, since it kept popping up green rectangles. And so does Picasaweb. So there, I am making Progress! I still have a lot of trouble doing a likeness of an existing person since I tend to get carried away by cheekbones and so on.

From Halla

I’m also still struggling with making good pictures for my website. Maybe I should convert the sheet of MDF into a box where I can regulate lighting and use some cloth for the background. The album shows a couple of experiments there. This little portrait study was hard to photograph — but the group I did this summer of a woman in labour was even harder. In the end, I made those black & white.

Next (after I return from the Qt Dev Days in Munich) will be following Edouard Lanteri’s lessons — Irina gave me the book (originally published in 1902…) as a birthday present.