Polishing off a lemon

As I noted before, I have been trying to figure out how to paint a lemon like it should be painted. I think, however, that I should admit to defeat. The result of the exercise is not bad, perhaps even commendable, given my lack of experience with the materials, but it falls short of the mark by a wide margin.

I have tried to get the translucency of a real lemon with thin washes of white and yellow, but that didn’t do what I expected it to do. Adding highlights of  pure white seemed  indicated from careful study of old masters, but that needs, perhaps, a  lighter touch than I have, and certainly a lot more experience.

I’m afraid that there’s nothing for it, but to start over again…

On a related note: Rebecca, the number II daughter, has started on her attempt at mastering oils, taking a rather nice picture of Hendrik as inspiration. A week or so ago, she started sketching. It turns out that all my daughters have a hard time just letting their pencil do the work. They all want to carefully outline their subject — and I mean outline, just the  silhouette, even if they don’t know what a silhouette is — and then they add eyes. I don’t think that that’s a terribly sensible procedure, so I have tried to teach them to sketch. The hardest part of sketching is the daring to just do it; the daring to make mistakes. With both Naomi and Rebecca, achieving that level of confidence meant I had to kind of break through their trepidation. With endless patience, and a lot of repetitions of the  theme “Just try — if you fail, take another sheet of paper, we have enough of the stuff to last us till Monday anyway., both of them got through to the other side, and are now convinced they can sketch and paint — and if the result ain’t perfect, they don’t clam up, but are confident that the next time it’ll be better.

Menna, however, the No. III daughter, didn’t get over her fear. And I’m at a loss now. I don’t know how to proceed. I’m baffled; because, all it takes is taking a pencil. And she can do it; she did a creditable lemon in pencil…

Anyway, here’s the piccie of Hendrik, and the first stage of Rebecca’s painting:

Part of the sketch is my work; most of the sketch is Rebecca’s work, and Rebecca also mixed most of the colours.