Sculpture Update

Apart from too much hacking on Krita, I do some other things. Sculpture is one of them, and I’ve blogged about that before, about a year ago. I haven’t been idle since then, though, but I did leave the sculpture class I joined some years ago. I felt I wasn’t really learning the technical stuff I really needed, and then the whole building got redecorated with the result that the room was too dim for me to actually work in. I’ve got a better place to work at home now!

Besides, at the classes, I keep being told “you have so much imagination, where do you get the ideas from”, not to mention some squicked-out co-students. Which in itself inspired “Insolence”:

From insolence

I still need to study, study, study anatomy, but even more importantly, construction. This one, provisionally titled “Not a Sabine” was inspired by my daughters, who still like to be held upside-down. The wax model his since disintegrated because I didn’t make the frame strong enough!

From Not a Sabine

Then I went on, to try to get anatomy more or less right for once, and I did succeed, even if the frame was once again not strong enough!

From Stretching

Then I went to Munich — I think for the Qt Dev Days, and found in the Glyptothek a little statue of a satyr grabbing its tail: the “schw√§nzchenhashenden Satyrn”, which is exhibited on a little plateau that goes round and round. It’s only a fragment, but I was really inspired (also by the Glyptothek itself, it’s one of those small museums where most people come with a sketchblock and just draw). So I made a middle-aged faun grabbing for his tail:

From Middle-aged faun

The gallery definitely isn’t safe for work, that’s why I chose this angle for my blog.

Finally, for the past two months, I’ve been working on a woman drying her hair, mostly because I started sketching one of the random images for speedpainting from a website David Revoy pointed me out. My pencil sketch was bad, my krita sketch worse, but the sculpture is quite strong. In real life more than in the photo, I’m afraid. I’m still pretty bad at shooting pictures.

From Washing her hair, 2

By now, I think that these sculptures are big enough that they cannot be cast with the simple cire-perdue method, but that I will have to create a mold from them, then make a thin wax cast which I can polish/change — the one above would probably improved with a long tail around the base and hair running down her back — but that something I need to learn about. And finding a place to learn turns out to be pretty difficult!