The contented bureaucrat

I achieved little on the Krita front today. I should have prepared my tax return, but I spend about eight hours hacking on Krita. I’m trying to arrive at a slightly sane situation with regards to plugins and modules, but that’s a lot of work.

As with any paint application, the core of Krita is just a tile manager: an image is divided into small blocks of pixels, and the hardest code is to cobble the tiles together in one image. Anyway, that part was recently redone. Around the tile manager is a display routine — and that’s the core. The rest is done with plugins.

KDE has made working with plugins really easy, but you need to have some consistent idea of how to work with plugins. We had a different way of loading filters, UI plugins, color strategies, paint operations and other resources. Making everything consistent is taking a long time…

Anyway, feeling a little dispirited by the lack of progress I was making I shut down my laptop and grabbed my brushes and started finishing an old painting I had never finished, The Contented Bureaucrat, inspired by a photograph of a civil servant in India. I learned enough from Baxter and Cockshott (see previous entries) that I felt confident I could tackle the mounds of paper:

At the same time, Rebecca was discovering that she has indeed a talent for rendering with pen and ink: