Third bit of sculpture

When I was done with the She Tripped over the Cat, I started on something new. I was dithering between two designs, which I actually made sketches in wax for:

20100413 001

Here you can see the copper wire frame for the actual sculpture, and if you look carefully, two wax models. One is for a woman who is bent over backwards, like the Egyptian goddess Nut, but belly-up. And a couple of cats playing on her belly. The other was a young man sitting on the ground with his pregnant wife sitting in his lap. Since I’d already done cats last time, I was going for the second option.

And then it started getting interesting, at least for me. When working on it, I started feeling that the whole sitting-in-the-lap idea was a bit static, and also a bit the end of the movement. So my next step was to try having her stand between his legs, and him keeping his cheek to her belly, perhaps listening to their child. Very sweet and something Annelies and my daughters favoured very much, but I still wasn’t happy. It was a beautiful pose, but still quite static.

So then I decided to make her walk to him, and have him stretch out his arms to her. I think the pose works very well, it’s not static. I can’t show it here, where various planets would pick it up. The full set is on Flickr. Do not click if you don’t want to see quite explictly male nudity or even more explictly female pregnant nudity. I think they look innocent, others may disagree.

Technically, I feel I have made progress again. The heads are still in comic-book proportions instead of fully realistic (though not as big as some of the pictures show it: I need to learn compensate for the macro effect), but that’s either something that fits the way I work now, or it’s something it fits the work, or it’s just something I’ll improve on next time. I’m not done: I still need to work on hands and feet, and maybe tweek some positions. And there’s some work to be done on her mouth.