Visiting the Prinsenhof and painting a lemon

The Prinsenhof in Delft is a very nice museum which had, when we visited them, a wonderful collection of still life paintings. As always, and no doubt as intended by the painters, I was very impressed by the lemons…

The stofuitdrukking — texture expression, I guess — these painters achieved is ncredible, and no matter what you ask google, you won’t find a website dedicated to learning the technique, only a few face-to-face
courses that don’t seem all that applicable. For a really nice lemon, see Heda’s Still Life with a Gilt Goblet.

Anyway, I decided to try and find a way to teach myself how to do it, and these are the pictures from the first stage, done today:

The still-life itself:

The place where I work — it takes more time to set everything and
place and clear up, than I spend painting…

The first stage of the painting. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’ll do an entry about the rest of the stages when I get round to them…

The children rather consider this painting done; they cannot imagine me not messing it up. Me neither, but we’ll see. At the moment it looks more like water-colours, but that’s because I used very thin paint. I still haven’t achieved the effect I want; the shining wetness, the translucency, the wax coat of the lemon, the reflection in the knife, so I’ll continue. (Anyway, don’t you think it looks like an illustration out of ‘Teach yourself painting in 21 days’?