A large pile of Wodehouse novels

Strewn over my desk and floor was the result of a few weeks of feeling none-too-fit. So, I’m going to jot a note about all of ’em in a big entry, because otherwise I’ll never find my corkscrew.

  • Enter Psmith

Psmith is always a pleasure to meet, and in this book, part two of the complete novel Mike, we meet him for the first time.

  • The Little Nugget

A very early book, where Wodehouse apparently still wasn’t sure whether he was writing humor or straight novels. It’s fun, but one of the most dated Wodehouses.

  • The Mating Season

The book with the immortal scene where Wooster, masquerading as Fink-Nottle teaches aunt-pecked Haddock a hunting song using the port decanter a a baton.

  • Sam the Sudden

One of my favorites — a Valley Fields book.

  • The Clicking of Cuthbert

A new addition to my collection — a collection of golf stories from the time when the clubs still had names.

  • Spring Fever

Not part of a series, but a nice country-house romp from the middle period, made better by the appearance of Augustus Robb, who is everything a personal man shouldn’t be, including impertinent and a reformed house breaker.

  • Aunt’s Aren’t Gentlemen

No, definitely not… And no respect for a convalescent youngster either.

  • Jeeves in the Offing

Jeeves on a holiday, which leaves Bertie nicely in the soup.

  • The Luck of the Bodkins

I’ve never been able to read this one end-to-end. If there’s such a thing as a boring Wodehouse novel, then this is it.

  • Young Men in Spats

A classic collection of shorts — with the great tale of the hats that have gone
through the fourth dimension, and the wooing of Mordred.