By Dorine van den Beukel

As I said before, I rather like good buildings. Irina knows this, and when she came across this book in our local bookshop, she knew it would be a perfect birthday present.

  • Author: Dorine van den Beukel
  • Title: Architecture
  • Pages: 543
  • Published: 2003
  • Publisher: The Pepin Press
  • ISBN: 90 5496 077 9

Architecture is a so-called Visual Encyclopedia, an invention or innovation Pepin Press seems to be very proud of. I don’t know why; it’s just like those Dover books. Perfect reprints of out-of-copyright C19 material, with little or no introduction or commentary.

The pictures of building from all over the world are gorgeous. Mostly engravings, and printed with a lot of care so no details get mucked up. Palaces and hovels, shacks, towers, castles, squares and streets. Lots and lots of inspiration.