Balladen en andere gedichten — het gebroken hart

By J.W.F. Werumeus Buning

I may very well be the last Dutchman to actually enjoy Werumeus Buning’s literary output, but it’s still not easy to find his books in the second-hand bookshops. This little paperback Irina found for me in Haarlem. It’s a combination of some poems I already had in his collected works,
and a very sentimental, but also funny and pleasant little novelette which I read with a lot of pleasure.

The illustrations are by J.F. Doeve, who also illustrated other books by Werumeus Buning, and who is eminently collectible. That’ll account for the rarity of a new find… Werumeus Buning is these days best know for his recipe books and his writing about wine, if people know about him at all…