Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice

By Foley, van Dam, Feiner, Hughes

Foley et al. is the current incumbent of Newman and Sproull: the absolute standard text for budding graphics programmers. The field has widened, deepened and generally ballooned; that’s clear just from the difference in page numbers: Foley is twice Newman.

  • Author: Foley, van Dam. Feiner, Hughes
  • Title: Computer Graphics: principles and practice
  • Pages: 1175
  • Published: 1996 (1990
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
  • ISBN: 0-201-84840-6

But is it twice as useful, too? Not for me; I’m really not interested in 3d rendering, and takes up the bulk of the book. The chapter on colour models is useful, but not comprehensive enough, and the chapter on compositing made me want to find the original Porter-Duff paper. Okay, so that’s good, maybe.

Another point is that I find the writing in general inferior to Newman & Sproull; not as clear, not as concise. Still one for the library, if only because it contains pointers to everything that’s useful. The kids rather liked the colour prints, though.