Conversion completed

From December 2002 to December 2003 I kept a booklog. I started the booklog both because I tend to forget that I’ve already read something, and to learn Zope. I did learn Zope, and I did keep the log pretty meticulously.

But having all the texts stored in a Zope database made me uneasy; it was a pain to edit, it was a pain to update, it was a pain to mess with the layout and hard to grep. Today I converted all the old postings from the Fading Memories Zope booklog to this blosxom blog [ETA: and now Irina is converting it to this wordpress blog, March 2018]. I saved every generated page by hand because I couldn’t be bothered to create a Zope product that would save the texts, and then I did a small Python script to massage the data into something that Blosxom could show.

Hardest part was the conversion of the texts that contained Unicode characters. Or, rather, that wasn’t hard, but I thought it had failed, when all what had happened was that I had installed the output_utf9 blosxom plugin, which cannot handle input that’s already in utf-8. And I had already converted my whole system to utf-8 two years ago, so everything I do is in utf-8.

Anyway, enjoy browsing through the categories. The search system is a bit simpler, now, but so is the layout, and that’s a good thing. There will be glitches, bits where the conversion failed. If so, please notify me.

[ETA 2018: all the Amazon links are gone; the format no longer works, quite aside from any other issues with Amazon.]