Culinaire Tierelantijnen

By J.W.F. Werumeus Buning

Is this really the first time in a year that I read something by Werumeus Buning? Probably not, it’s more likely that I just assumed I’d already written a notice on what I read, because I read and re-read Werumeus Buning a lot.

  • Author: J.W.F. Werumeus Buning
  • Title: Culinaire Tierelantijnen
  • Pages: 117
  • Published: MDCCCCXXXIIII
  • Publisher: Joh. Ensched√© en zonen

Werumeus Buning is both an author of prose and a poet. He has written travelogues, articles and stories about food and wine, recipies, lots of excellent (and less excellent, too) poetry and general ‘pieces’ on this or that subject.

Because he allowed some of his work to be reprinted during the war and therefore had to become a member of the Kulturkammer, he was branded a quisling after the war. In his disstertation Hijmans refutes those allegations, and a fact was that quite soon after the war, Werumeus Buning was publishing again.

Anyway, this pre-war volume is one of my particular treasures. Printed by the same printer who prints the Dutch banknotes, it is a beautiful book, with gorgeous letterpress on thick, textured paper. The contents are up to the presention, being a light-hearted romp through the history of food in as much as it bears on the development of civisation. Werumeus Buning had a facility with the Dutch language few authors after him have equalled.