Death of a Dutchman

By Magdalen Nabb

We found only one Magdalen Nabb novel to take on holiday; I’d willingly have swapped four Freelings for one extra Nabb. That said, I didn’t feel that Death of a Dutchman was all that good.

Either it was too warm that particular day on Kea (about 42C, and no airco, of course), or I was too fluffy of mind, or the writing in Death of a Dutchman is fuzzy, undefined, unconnected. I can’t say I do actually remember much about the story; there’s one very memorable old woman, and one very memorable young constable dies.

However, it is likely that the lack of impression Death of a Dutchman left on my memory is my fault, since Irina was quite lavish in her praise when she’d finished it. When I’ve re-read it, I will return to this notice and add some comments.

(By the way, only two notices to go, and then I’m done with the books I read for the holiday!)