Een kleine geschiedenis van wijn

By Rod Phillips

A cheapo find in the local bookshop, Praamstra, at only 6,50 euros for a hard-back. Most books about wine are quite pretentious (like the old Het Boek van den Wijn) and seldom deal exhaustively with history. This book is true to its title: a short history of wine.

As such, it’s quite a success. Possibly the English has lost something in translation as the prose is not uniformly rivetting, but it is serviceable enough even in pedestrian Dutch. The author know what he’s writing about: a professor in the history of alcohol in Canada.

Anyway, despite (or perhaps because of) it being a bit dry for its subject, it made me long for a glassful of the best, the reddest wine I could get when I was reading it. A good glass of something Italian, that’s the ticket…