Learn Greek in 35 Years

By Brian Church

I know that Greek is quite a difficult language, especially for someone who isn’t used to inflections and so on. But 25 years… For someone living in Greece all the time? No wonder the subtitle of this little booklet is for the linguistically challenged.

  • Author: Brian Church
  • Title: Learn Greek in 25 years
  • Pages: 101
  • Published: 1999
  • Publisher: Athens News
  • ISBN: 960-86395-1-4

Actually, this is a collection of some very witty, and rather more rather less witty columns the author has written for the English language Greek newspaper Athens News. (I prefer to read the Kathimerini, because it’s got more substance.) but he doesn’t use transcription, and his observations are often quite acute. A fun little book, perhaps not destined for a place on the linguistcs shelves, but downstairs, between the variety books.