Nooit meer alleen

By Malik

One of my favourite Dupuis series is Cupido. And not only mine; also of my daughters. Malik is a consummate artist who sketches his scenes with a lovely delicacy. As with Sammy, Cauvin is responsible for the scenarios, but Cupido albums contains several shorter stories and gags, and there’s a fair chance of hitting upon one or two wonderful ones.

  • Author: Malik
  • Title: Nooit meer alleen
  • Pages: 46
  • Published: 2003
  • Publisher: Dupuis
  • ISBN: 90-314-2470-6

The premise of Cupido is quite simple: the little angel, sidekick of Saint Peter, flits about, hitting people, animals and the occasional robot with his darts, causing them to fall in love with the first person in sight. In this album, a goldfish develops a pash for a woman, in another album a married man falls in love with a shrimp.

In some respects, the theology behind Cupido is quite good, really. I mean, most of the gags are faintly contemporaneous (except that there’s rather more jugendstil in the decor), but others take place in the past, the future, or even on another planet. Dante’s arguments about the being outside time of God nicely illustrated.

On the other hand, the albums are just plain fun.