Olive Oil, way of long life

By Stella Kalogeraki

One of the books Irina bought in Greece. Curiously enough, I didn’t buy a single book during our stay in Greece. Not because all the books were in Greek — as you can see, this one is in English, and I would have liked to pit my meagre Greek skils against a whole book, but because the selection was very limited on the small island we visited. Anyway, this book is about olive oil. And olives. With traditional recipes, no less. And written by an archaeologist.

  • Author: Stella Kalogeraki
  • Title: Olive Oil, way of long life
  • Pages: 137
  • Published: 2002
  • Publisher: Mediterraneo Editions
  • ISBN: 960-8227-00-3

It’s a light-weight, factoid filled booklet, but very nice nonetheless. Nice photographs, very nice recipes, and some interesting bits of text. But look, it’s no use writing up a detailed
critique with this kind of is it? But nice to have, nice to have in any case. But there’s not much that I can say about it.