Open Source Game Development: Qt Games for KDE, PDAs, and Windows

In Krita 2.0, we will be using OpenGL much more than we already do in Krita 1.5, so I need to learn. When ordering the two basic books, OpenGL Programming Guide and OpenGL Shading Language,  Amazon gave me Open Source Game Development, Qt Games for KDE, PDAs, and Windows as a related choice.

I was a bit surprised: a whole book on coding games for KDE? But, well, it had an introductory chapter on OpenGL, and I thought that might help me ease into the topic.

It turns out this book is a really excellent, well-written concise and clear introduction to coding for KDE. Not just for coding games, but the whole thing. The ideal beginner’s introduction for people who are interested in coding for KDE. Of course, it doesn’t deal with CMake yet, although there is quite decent coverage of Qt4. And the OpenGL chapter is just what I needed, too.

Buy this book, is my advice!