Photoshop LAB Color

By Dan Margulis

Larry Marso wrote to the KImageShop mailing list in January 2006 about this book (two chapters are freely available). It deals with the LAB colorspace and the ways LAB makes it easy to completely mess up, I mean, fix, your photographs. Larry wrote us because just then we had added a 16 bit/channel LAB color colorspace to Krita, more because we needed it as an intermediary than because we knew what people would actually do with it.

Now, about a year later, I decided it was time to get the whole text and see whether Krita can Do This, too, already. I haven’t started with  that yet, for two reasons: first, I was in hospital, second: the demo files that come with the book are not in nice application-independent TIFF (or OpenRaster…), but in PSD, PSD > version 6, to be exact. I have to hope that Cyrille Berger hurries up with his libpsd (which he’s developing together with the Scribus people).

Until that’s done, I’ll just have to content myself with reading the book. There’s no doubt that there is a lot of interesting and good information in it. I really want to give Margulis’ recipes a try with Krita, and improve Krita where necessary. But at the same time — oh my gosh! Margulis is a crashing bore. He’s self-important, self-congratulatory, wordy — in short, nearly unreadable. Still, I’ll probably wrestle my way through most of it.