Quick Service

P.G. Wodehouse

Another of those delightful standalone novels in the vein of Uneasy Money, even though written 23 years later, about a young, likeable man who meets a young, capable girl.

  • Author: P.G. Wodehouse
  • Title: Quick Service (also: Service with a Smile)
  • Pages: 191
  • Published: 1974 (1940)
  • Publisher: Penguin

Here we have the very impetuous artist Josh Weatherby, who has a high opinion of himself, and who is in the employment of the well-known (to Wodehouse readers) J.B. Duff, the Duff of Duff and Trotter, purveyors of eatables worth eating and drinkables worth drinking.

And there’s Sally Fairmile, the impecunious fiance of Lord Holbeton. When she meets Josh in the office of J.B. Duff, they start quaffing sherry, and Josh falls in love with Sally.

Getting to the end of the book is a pleasure leavened by an extra romance or two, namely between a Beatrice Chavender and Duff and between a butler and a barman. And there’s a picture to be swiped, of course, and a pot of money to be wheedled from a trustee and other, good dependable Wodehouse fare. And in his use of the language, the master is at peak form.

Since this book dates from 1940, you won’t find a Gutenberg edition until Disney goes bust.