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Just a quick note to self: when Scholar of Magics by Caroline Stevermer is published, buy hardback ASAP. And the Dutch translation of Vegetius is great, but the Latin is readable, too.

I had the chance to read the manuscript of Caroline Stevermer‘s latest, Scholar of Magics, a more-or-less sequel to A College of Magics. I bought When the King Comes Home for Irina’s birthday in 2002, not being aware at the time that this was the same Caroline who had written Sorcery and Cecilia, an old favourite of Irina’s. When the King Comes Home is a perfectly balanced tale, and I’m going to re-read it again soon, but you can read a good review of it at Outside of a Dog. Soon we ordered everything that was still available from Amazon, and got A College of Magics, which tasted a lot like more. And A Scholar of Magics is more, but it’s different, too. Better balanced, somehow, with perhaps better defined protagonists. Can’t give it a full review until I’ve got the hardback, though, which I’m eagerly awaiting.

I also announced in Epitoma Rei Militaris that I’d bought the Dutch translation. This translation is excellent, even if it’s a bit stilted. It rather reads as it has been translated from Classical Chinese by Wilt Idema. But good fun all the same. And I was provoked by differences between the Dutch translation and the English translation to investigate the latin text, and found that Vegetius has a very simple, readable style, at least in places, and one that even I can sample and enjoy.