The Bugles Blowing

By Nicolas Freeling

The Bugles Blowing is the first, and up to now, the only Henri Castang novel I have read. When Freeling got tired of his previous protagonist, Van der Valk, he had him killed. One more book followed, with Arlette, Van der Valk’s French wife, in the role of sleuth. Then he switched to Henri Castang. I’m not so sure I like this particular detective.

  • Author: Nicolas Freeling
  • Title: The Bugles Blowing
  • Pages: 261
  • Published: 1980 (1975)
  • Publisher: Vintage Books
  • ISBN: 0-394-74551-5

Either the day was a too warm one — we had temperatures in the vicinity of 45 degrees centigrade, or I was distracted by the noisy brats of our neighbours in Greece (people who even objected to us speaking in the yard before six o’clock in the afternoon), but I couldn’t really get into this one.

I did finish it, but not with real pleasure. I didn’t believe the criminal — I had problems with the depiction of the president of the Republique, and I felt that Castang’s wife was a mere shadow of Arlette. In short, the book left me cold.

(This book appears to be out of print.)