Carolling away

All was not well with the world, this Christmas, which makes me almost feel guilty that we had a thoroughly good time, this year.  Our church was so packed that it was next to impossible for the priest to actually get far enough into the reception room to bless the table. But despite the sometimes literal crunch, everyone was relaxed and glad to be there — but it’s true that we need a new, bigger church building, as the first four people I spoke with immediately told me. We’re working on that.

Our Uzbek friends have won a small victory over our immigration and naturalization department and are allowed to start a new  asylum procedure. And they joined us for dinner and the singing of Dutch, English and Latin Christmas carols afterwards.

The next day, yesterday, we had only twelve people in church, but, well, that was to be expected, on Boxing day. A nice, convivial meeting with the priest afterwards, and an equally nice evening with my father left me in a fine mettle to tackle Irina’s hard disk today.

But I must admit that working on Krita was far from my mind — fortunately Sven, Casper and Cyrille have been working hard. Casper has almost finished a rewrite of the core code that should help performance a lot and make it easier to actually get at pixels to do stuff with them. Cyrille has done a lot of work higher-level code that should finally make it automatic to use selections in tools and filters. And Sven is working on something called autogradients — a widget that makes it as easy to define and use a gradient as it  currently is to pick a color.

And tonight, and tomorrow, I have reserved for finishing the cms stuff. When I’m done, Krita will have the infrastructure to achieve feature parity with Photoshop 6 on the color management stuff, and an actual implementation that goes a long way to have all those features.

And today it’s snowing…