Christ is risen! (all over the world)

For those who’ve been wondering where I was last week, well, I was in Church pretty much solid from Wednesday evening until Sunday morning, 3:30 (CET). And afterwards we had a feast, so I wasn’t home until six o’clock this morning.

Holy Week is the one week in the year during which I feel most completely alive; when every day seems to be an eternity in itself. During Holy Week I never can believe that there exists a world outside the church services — everything else is so thin and unreal. That goes for work, but it also goes for KOffice and everything else. Christos anesti!

Which is good, of course. Church is the place where one goes to experience the Eternal and to praise the living God, who his risen from the dead and thereby conquered death itself. And Easter is not commemoration, or re-enactment, but actualisation — making the eternal truth present for us. Christ is resurrected in reality every time when the priest first sings “Christus is opgestaan!

And this morning, I’m going about the house, singing the Easter troparion in Greek, Dutch and Church Slavonic. Eating chocolate eggs, kissing my wife and hugging the kids. We’ve got a growing parish full of people (we really don’t fit in our Church anymore) I love, and I’ve given almost all of them the Easter kiss this morning. We had the Gospel in Dutch, Russian, Greek, French, English, Frisian, Macedonian, Georgian and Geez. And I’m blogging incoherently — but full of joy. Христос Воскресе! Χριστος