Our family prays every night — a very, very, very short and abbreviated version of vespers — and we like to light a┬ákarbounakia, or small bit of charcoal, and add a grain of incense. There are all kinds of good, theological and pious reasons to do so, but it’s fun, too, and it helps if the living room smells like Church, when you want to pray.

Our stock, bought last year in Greece, is now sadly depleted, so I was rather interested when a bit of outre research(1) led me to the Hermitage of the Holy Cross. Here they sell incense… But it’s almost as if they’re selling pipe tobacco! (Note: I do not recommend smoking, not even a pipe, although it is surely something every wise wife should allow her husband, the old English proverb says “allow your man his pipe and his hobby and you’ve got him chained for good”, but smoking etc. A hobby like KDE, though, cannot but be good for one’s health.)

In any case, Casper Boemann has just fixed the rotating-big-images bug in Krita. Hurray!

1Roey Katz on #koffice reminded me (without knowing himself) that I should check Ship of Fools, from whence I went to Monachos, where a discussion on head scarves attended me to the question of long hair and beards for men, where I learned that angels are trespassing on the 96th canon of the Sixth Ecumenical Council.

I bet I earned that penny for my thoughts now!