Palm Sunday

This year is one of those rare years where western Christianity and eastern Christianity celebreate Easter at the same date (excluding those people who keep the Julian calendar, of course, there’s always something). When that happens the children in our parish take part in the great procession of all children from all parishes and communities in Deventer, no matter the denomination, that goes along all churches. There’s a donkey, too, usually a young one. The procession passes our own church and Father Theodore blesses all the sweets-on-a-stick we call “palmpasens” that the children carry.

That’s me and Father Theodore waiting for the children to arrive:

A blessing with a vengeance:

Next week is Holy Week. I’ll be in Church pretty much permanently from Wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon. Accordingly, I won’t be able to exercise my gift of the gab to make sure KOffice gets as many Google Summer of Code slots as possible within the KDE project, but no doubt others will fight the good fight. It’s amazing — there hasn’t been a single bad GSOC proposal for KOffice this year. They were all really great, all nine or ten of them!

(Pictures by Menna)