Rue Daru

Last weekend, we’ve been to Paris. For the children and Irina it was the first time in their life, while I’m an old hand, having been inĀ  Paris in 1991 or thereabouts with a school trip. We had a reason for the trip; friends of ours got married in the crypt of our bishopric’s cathedral in the Rue Daru:

Of course, being in Paris means, especially if you’re nine years old, seeing the Eiffel Tower and all the other landmarks, including the throng of Chinese tourists in front of the Mona Lisa. (More Chinese than Japanese, curiously enough. When I was last in Paris, that was definitely the other way around.)

Any way, I’m back to hacking Krita now, with fixing the crop tool and the selection handling being the top priority for now. Michael Thaler has saved the honour of Krita by keeping us in the intro to the cvs digest with his cool shearing code. This week, my hopes are for Cyrille Berger’s work on ksjembed scripting for Krita…