Saint Basil the Great on Usenet

A thoroughly up-to-date saint, is Saint Basil the Great. Here is his opinion on Usenet (του Αγιου Βασιλειου περι του Πνευματοσ βιβλιον):

There is no lack in these days of captious listeners and questioners; but to find a character desirous of  information, and seeking the truth as a remedy for ignorance, is very difficult. Just as in the hunter’s snare, or in the soldier’s ambush, the trick is generally ingeniously concealed, so it is with the inquiries of the majority of the questioners who advance arguments, not so much with the view of getting any good out of them, as in order that, in the event of their failing to elicit answers which chime in with their own desires, they may seem to have fair ground for controversy.

(KPdf, by the way, is incredible nowadays. Not only does KPdf handle bookmarks, table of contents really well, it also handles Greek letters, can even copy the Greek in the pdf I’m reading now
to the clipboard and finally renders the text just beautifully.)