Buying an earthenware pan

It turns out to be remarkably easy to buy an earthenware pan (supposed to be the perfect vessel for stewing hare in cream among other things). Specialized shops touting their wide-ranging assortment deny categorically that such things exist; you cannot put earthenwire on the fire. (A bit like specialized arts materials shops denying the existence of bristol board.)

But Dille & Kamille, a Dutch chainstore that mainly sells knick-knacks, dry herbs and crooked plates and twisted glassware has them. And not only that, in two separate stores in towns in North Holland and Overijssel, the staff knew they had the pan in stock and knew they could be used like a regular pan. This is the place I’ll be looking for kitchen stuff in the future.

Meanwhile: here’s the pan, given me as a belated Sinterklaas present by Irina. Set it to soak in water for six hours, and tomorrow I’ll stew venison with sour cherries and kriek beer in it.