Cooking for fifteen

I like to cook; Irina likes to cook, and we both like having guests helping us eat what we cook. We’re not too bad at it, I am a dab hand with a duck and a whiz with steak, and Irina is great with things like saracen stew or cheese souffle. But we seldom have more than two or
three guests.

However, this Friday, we had ten guests; the Tryllian ADK development team and their spouses and children. We had completed version 3.0 of the ADK, and as every software developer knows: version 1.0 is a joke, version 2.0 shows what’s coming and version 3.0 is a complete package that you can use. It does take ten years to build a decent bit of software; we’re at about five now, which is a nice milestone. So: a celebration was in order. And since taking over from
Yigal, I’ve been more or less technical lead or something like that, so my turn to fĂȘte the team. Cheese fondue for fifteen. Menno is project leader, but he had already fed us all before. In the end, there was more cheese fondue eaten than we had estimated, and less wine drunk, but more korenwijn, and not all the bread was finished, but all the olives. Here’s the pictures:

The whole table seen from the point of view of Tycho. (My daughters were a bit dubious about three — shudder — boys invading their house, but their worries turned out to be unfounded. They particularly liked Pepijn, but appreciated the company of the other two, too.)

Ditto, but from the point of view of Menno.

More or less ditto, but taken by Menno, so you can see me, too.

Anyway, we have had a very enjoyable evening — and night, too — something which I feel I had been needing rather badly for some time. Thanks, everyone for travelling all the way from North and South Holland to Deventer, thanks for the jar of Korenwijn.

And thanks are due to Datumprikker, which proved incontrovertibly that it was impossible to find a date that everyone could come; at least not before Lent.