Vanitas vanitatum

As this picture shows, lamb cutlets are in great demand in our family:

Grilled or quickly fried like a steak with a good sauce with mint and garlic and cream, for instance. Or a caper sauce. However, in the restaurant Le Caveau de L’Isle, (36 Rue de L’Ile St Louis), they do lamb cutlets that are a lot better than mine.

Not all their food is all that great, it’s very much a ‘drape-the-sprigs-of-chives-over-the-meat-sign-your-name-with-brown-sauce-we’re-poshish’ type of restaurant, and they serve the same gratin with all dishes. And everything is lukewarm — but that seems traditional. But their lamb cutlets were fragrant, tender and tasty in a way that I don’t seem to be able to emulate. Probably their cook is a better man than I am, but equally probably they have access to better meat than I can get from the local Turkish butcher.

But their cheese selection was poor; in the very same street there is a shop which has about a dozen different, great goat cheeses, and they served camembert, gorgonzola and two other bland cheeses. Ah well… That’s something I can point at with pride: whatever may go wrong, I always have a good selection of cheese to tempt my guests with.