A little break

I’ve been coding almost non-stop for about three or four weeks now. From 8:15 to about 17:15 Java hacking for Tryllian, and from 20:00 to 23:00 Krita hacking. And sometimes I could interleave the coding a bit: a quick dive into Java during a long Krita compile or a small bugfix in Krita while the Java unittests were running. I’ve added the Cimg-based image restoration plugin I have written about before (I see from the cvs digest that Gilles Caullier has added the same functionality to Digikam — nice!), an almost-working select-by-colour dialog, a few tests and some performance enhancements.

Today I took the day off, more or less. I bought a climbing rose, raspberries and gooseberries, dahlias, lilies and strawberries for the garden and spent the morning with Menna and Naomi in the garden — Rebecca being laid up with a touch of flu (poor girl; Friday night is our regular movie night, and she was not well enough to watch, and Menna and Naomi stayed up to watch “A Woman in Paris”, that well known super-super film by Charles Chaplin).

And in the afternoon I let the kids play their latest game on my laptop while I slept the sleep of the just. I had intended to do some hacking tonight, but first I wanted to test the latest version of Krita with my wacom tablet. It turns out that SuSE still does not give me out of the box support with version 9.2, so I had to jump through hoops and consult websites, but I got it working finally. We’ve had a bit of a regression, as I had feared, because drawing isn’t quite so beautiful as it was. No doubt it’ll get fixed in the beta…