A rose bush

Generally speaking, I’m in complete agreement with Tom Chance on the subject of gardening. We’ve had potatoes (and this year’s crop looks ready for harvest tomorrow; the ultimate in just-in-time supply logistics), vegetable marrows and lots more. Peas, too.

This year, however, I also planted, in addition to a gooseberry bush and blackberry bush, a rose bush. You see, there’s this gap between the fence and the shed, where clumsy me couldn’t manage to put some more fence. So I’m trying to teach this rosebush to close the gap for me, with its prickly growth. Nice flowers, too, but they don’t last more than a few days.

In general, gardening turns out to be hard, this year. There’s invasion of greenfly, the weather is completed messed up and I somehow fail to find the time to properly tend the garden. I blame bugzilla, myself, for that.