Harvest time

What with one thing and another, I haven’t been able to spend as much time on my poor little garden as I should have. But in compensation we’re having a really old-fashioned Dutch summer, with rain and sunshine following each other in quick succession. And that means that all the greens are growing really well.

One thing I should learn is to thin the vegetables when very young, because then the ‘dunsel’ — the thinned-out sprouts are very often still eadible. Carrot seed will not keep a year when the packet has been opened, same with peas and beans. I should have sown the beans a month earlier, too, but with any luck we’ll have a fine crop in August.


The red year-round lettuce is doing great. We had a nice head on Thursday and another this Sunday. It’s leafy, chewy and spicy. I’ll save the packet I’ve found in a Natuurwinkel for next year; and I should plant out the seedlings I have in the window sill, if only there’s be a little sunshine one of the odd moments my time isn’t full up occupied with something else.

This particular plot I should have seeded in earlier, but I was not sure I didn’t want to replace the fencing. It’s cheap, ugly and crooked, but has the distinct advantage that the neighbours don’t like it. In the end I was too lazy to do the work.

The pak choi is flowering spectacularly — I hope the plant is still edible, and I mean to make the experiment. Another crop I should have thinned out.

The potatoes were doing so well, growing so much luxuriant leaf that I had to fence them in, but the coriander on the plots next to the potatoes have died anyway. I wonder why — the potato plant, or the honeysuckle.

The herb plot is a mess. This is a weird mixture of sage, oregano and rue.

“Haverwortel” is an old Dutch vegetable — I haven’t got a clue as to its English name. It seems to do well in a small spot with radish in between, a buddleia growing over it and an old Christmas tree that we’re going to chop
this Christmas.

The beetroot I thinned out this Sunday and used the marble-sized beets to spice up the lettuce. Delicious — and very, very red. We all had pink tongues.

This is the prize head of lettuce we had last Sunday.

And that’s the lot…