Season of mists and mellow coughs. In autumn, the passing of time seems more like a Javanese mudslide than the pleasant, leisurely rush of a timer’s sand. It’s a busy time. Business tends to pick up, so I’m really forced to contemplate working evenings for my day job, too. Exams rear their ugly head, even as the topic of those exams is really interesting. I didn’t know there was so much fine, ripe stuff to be read in Ecclesiastes and Proverbs. But work and study means that work on Krita has to suffer. I wish I could afford to take a week off from work to do some connected work.

Also, in Autumn, Irina goes away for a few days to practice singing with members from Church choirs from all over the Netherlands. Ordinarily, I’d have the care of our kids during those days, but this year Menna and Rebecca stayed with Naomi’s Godmother and with my father, respectively. So it was just the eldest, Naomi, and me.

I spend one afternoon hacking Krita while Naomi watched the extended Two Towers dvd. Knowing which side her bread is buttered, she agreed on Faramir. Next day, we went to Haarlem and the Kennemerduinen.

I met Irina when she was living in Haarlem, and we spend the early years of our continuing courtship there, so it’s a place that I dearly love. There’s a De Slegte in Haarlem, where I bought a book with good reproduction of paintings by Flemish artists that are currently in North America, including some by Rogier van der Weyden, whose work is still awe-inspiring.

This book inspired me to try my hand at sketching with analog media again, and the result was quite nice, but since I don’t have a scanner anymore, you won’t get a piccy.

To console y’all, here are some snaps I shot in the Kennemer Duinen and in Haarlem. To taint the consolation again, I have to admit that I didn’t manage to snap the deer we came across in the dunes. They¬† were as frightened of us as we were of them (we initially thought them to be really big, nasty dogs), and fled almost immediately.

In the Kennemer Duinen there are several ponds. One is reserved for
waterfowl, one for children to play. This is the kids’ pool.

What a beautiful tree, Naomi exclaimed. And while its deceasity rather diminishes its potential beauty, it’s still a pretty picture.

I intended to make a piccy of a really nice purple-blue flower, but the damn camera thought I wanted the grass.. It’s nice grass, though.

We no longer have cats in and about the house, so whenever we meet one in the wild, as it were, we tend to introduce ourselves and ask leave to pet the pet; this one deigned to humour us.

A chemist’s somewhere just outside the old town center of Haarlem.

All images scaled, cropped, rotated and filtered with Krita — thanks Michael and