Hanzi flashcards?

Hm… I’ve been weeding out my linguistics library to donate everything that has to do with Indo-European, Greek or Celtic to Menna, and everything that has to do with the history of the English to Rebecca. There’s still about a forty feet of bookshelves left.

And then I found my old Classical Chinese readers and Pulleyblank’s. Now I’ve forgotten most of the characters, and I learned those by writing them down on index cards and manually shuffling them (I threw those out ten years ago). Back then, you’d need special ISA board plugged into your PC to show Chinese characters on the monitor…

But in this day and age, something better should be available. So… Is there a open source, preferably KDE, application that assists learning hanzi, preferably integrated with a tablet for dealing with writing characters in strokes? I know of commercial websites that do that, some open source java applications that are not that nice to use — and a KDE app for learning Japanese characters and phrases, which are just too different to be useful.

Bonus points for traditional characters instead of abbreviated ones.