I’m addicted

And it took only a day and a half — I went to the Maemo Summit and got one of the N900 loaners. And I’m not sure what I’ll do when I have to give it back in six months. It’s great… Let’s compare it impartially to the E71 and N810 I used before:

  • It’s got a better keyboard than either
  • It’s thicker than the E71 but smaller than the N810
  • The webbrowser of the E71 crashes on maemo.org, the N810 or N900 browsers don’t, but they are a bit slow.
  • The email client has a bit of a problem with large inboxes, but the E71 email client doesn’t want to connect at all to some of my email accounts.
  • Plenty of free memory
  • Plenty of free software, compared to nearly none for the E71
  • Open for any kind of hacking — can even play ogg! — which impressed Rebecca no end.
  • Worst thing: the battery goes flat after only eight hours of continuously running ssh to my home server, the media player, the  (great) mauku identi.ca client, email checking, browsing and gaming — and it can run only about six to seven apps at the same time before the music starts stuttering when when I connect it as a mass storage device to my laptop. Shame!

Er, well… I just love this device. Doing without in in half a year will be a bit wrench. And it even runs KOffice, or rather FreOffice, the KOffice-based office document viewer KO GmbH and Nokia have worked on. And even the current GTK-based software is super smooth and usable. The integration of various services is great.


I lent my E71 to Naomi, and she immediately discovered that it can actually use our home wifi network. And Irina got my N810.

It’s a pity I was too tired (I’ve just been ill, and not completely recovered) to be around at the Maemo Summit for more than a day and a halef. In fact, I was so tired I kept making stupid mistakes, like not recognizing some people I should have known in In de Wildeman at the first, informal party (where there was the excellent Jopen Stout  on tap). I attended an hour on Friday, and most of Saturday, but on Sunday I stayed at home.

Nokia did us extremely well indeed: lunch was uniformly satisfactory, there was always some fresh fruit or candy to nibble on, as well as coffee to correct any mishap caused by any of the parties thrown in the evenings (which I did not attend, on account of being too tired, more’s the pity).

There was plenty of space for relaxed hacking in the very cool, very hip Westergasfabriek. The combination of awesome industrial architecture, kindergarten, soccer fields and a park made for a unique surroundings.

Many of the presentations were really interesting, though there were some duds as well, and the keynote by Ton Roosendaal from the Blender Foundation was inspirational. Starting with the content and then adapting the application to make it possible to create that content seems like a good strategy for Krita, too.

I missed the most interesting (after Ton’s) presentation, though:   Suresh Chande presenting the KOffice-based viewer application, actually using the KPresenter port on the N900 to give his presentation. How cool is that? And he had an interesting bit of news, too: Nokia have contracted KO GmbH to create KOffice filters for MS Office 2007 files — which are somewhat similar to the formats defined in OOXML. And the coolness doesn’t end there, I’m told. KOffice 2.1 is going to rock because of all the bug fixes. Last night we went out for dinner to Padi at the Haarlemmerdijk 50. We had some amazing food… Vegetarian and extra chicken dishes no problem. And really, living near Java House in Deventer, where they cook like royalty, I like to think I have acquired some discrimination in Indonesian food, and Padi cooks extremely well. All the eleven or twelve dishes were just right, balanced to a nicety with no skimping on the peteh beans or trassi, and there was enough of everything. And it was not just us: all evening people were arriving (and leaving because it was full), and just when we were ready to leave, another group of Maemo-summit goers were wondering whether to enter, a course of action we could whole-heartedly recommend!

And for added atraction, there’s a a big, fat restaurant cat.