Third time to India

I’ve been to India three times now, in the space of about ten months. I’ve never really had any problems, but this time I came home with a bad bowel infection, and it’s still raging… I’m not sure where I went wrong, maybe it’s just that this time I was a little less careful. I even forgot to take my medication and the mosquito repellant this time! Anyway, I’m up and about, most of the time, active and working, most of the time, but I might not be around when you need me, and I might postpone writing difficult mail and so on.

But apart from that, this visit to Bangalore was as wonderful, or perhaps even better, than the previous visits. The first part of the week was spent working on the Calligra-based office document viewer application Nokia is developing for Harmattan/MeeGo. It’s going to be pretty cool, in many important ways better than the proprietary competition. Calligra Stage (formerly known as KPresenter)’s maintainer Thorsten Zachmann was there too, and we had a good time together with Mani, Vidhya and Sai.

And I managed to see parts of the Cricket World Cup match India vs Netherlands! I still think, though, that the Indian in the breakout room shouldn’t have laughed so much at our blunders! We put up a good game for a country with fewer cricket players than the average layout of Bangalore, I think…

Highlight of the trip was, of course, I managed to be there on Friday and Saturday. It was very, very well attended, by hundreds of people, mainly students.

The Calligra talks given by Inge, Mani and me were very well received, even if the content was quite technical. On Saturday, Inge, Mani and me helped quite a few people getting started hacking on Calligra and Krita. I even worked together with a five or six year old boy on fixing a bug in Braindump, the latest addition to the Calligra family!

The conference promises to be quite succesful when measured by new contributors arriving on the mailing lists and irc channels, fixing bugs and providing patches.

A truly great conference. Thanks Pradeepto and team for organizing it!

My Sunday was spent with Girish, working on a shared project, but also meeting his wife and nearly one-year old son (who learned to push a chair around the room while I was there). And a nice walk through Ramamurthy Nagar’s farmer’s market. As organic as organic can be, but it was extremely crowded as well as dark and dusty, so I couldn’t take any pictures.

And now it’s time to check out the progress Krita has made in my absence…