Too much of a good thing

So the last couple of months, after our return from Italy, were nicely busy. At the day job, we were getting ready to create an image to send to the production facility for the QML-based embedded application we had been developing, and besides, there were four reorganizations in one month, ending with the teams being reshuffled in the last week before said image had to be ready. It was enough pressure that I decided to take last week off from the day job, just to decompress a bit and focus on Krita stuff that was heaping up.

Then, since April, Krita-wise, there was the Kickstarter, the kick-off for the artbook, the Krita 3.0 release… The 3.0 release doubled the flow of bugs, donations, comments, mails to the foundation, questions on irc, reddit, forum and everywhere else. (There’s this guy who has sent me over fifty mails asking for Krita to be released for Windows XP, OSX 10.5 and Ubuntu 12.02, for example). And Google Summer of Code kicked off, with three students working on Krita.

And, of course, daily life didn’t stop, though more and more non-work, non-krita things got postponed or cut out. There were moments when I really wanted to cancel our bi-weekly RPG session just to have another Monday evening free for Krita-related work.

I don’t mind being busy, and I like being productive, and I especially like shipping: at too many day jobs we never shipped, which was extremely frustrating.

But then last Wednesday evening, a week ago, I suddenly felt queer after dinner, just before we’d start he RPG session. A pressing, heavy pain on my breast, painful upper arms, sweating, nausea, dizziness… I spent the next day in hospital getting checked for heart problems. The conclusion was, it wasn’t a heart attack, just was all the symptoms of one. No damage done, in any case, that the tests could figure out, and I am assured they are very acccurate.

Still, I’m still tired and slow and have a hard time focusing, so I didn’t have time to prepare Krita 3.0.1. I didn’t manage to finish the video-export refactoring (that will also make it possible to pass file export configurations to Krita on the command line). I also didn’t get through all the new bugs, though I managed to fix over a dozen. The final bugs in the spriter export plugin also are waiting to be squashed. Setting up builds for the master branch for three operating systems and two architectures was another thing I had to postpone to later. And there are now so many donations waiting for a personal thank-you mail that I have decided to just stop sending them. One thing I couldn’t postpone or drop was creating a new WBSO application for an income tax rebate for the hours spent on the research for Krita’s scripting plugin.

I’m going forward with a bit of reduced todo list, so, in short, if you’re waiting for me to do something for you, be aware that you might have to wait a bit longer or that I won’t be able to do it. If you want your Krita bug fixed with priority, don’t tell me to fix it NOW, because any kind of pressure will be answered with a firm nolle prosequi.