A dashed little comma

Can spoil four evenings. Now I know that I am not at peak form when working in the fumes of paint, and we have had painters in the house for three days (they did a beautiful job, and I heartily recommend them: Steenbruggen in Deventer) — but, dash it, see if you can spot the mistake in this Makefile.am:

INCLUDES  = -I$(srcdir)/../ $(KOFFICE_INCLUDES)  -I$(interfacedir) $(KOPAINTER_INCLUDES) $(all_includes)

noinst_LTLIBRARIES = libkiscapabilitymediator.la
libkiscapabilitymediator_la_LIBADD = ./paintops/libkispaintops.la
libkiscapabilitymediator_la_SOURCES = kis_capability_mediator.cc kis_abstract_capability.cc, kis_composite_op.cc kis_paint_op.cc

libkiscapabilitymediator_la_METASOURCES = AUTO

SUBDIRS = paintops

Seen it? I only spotted it tonight. You’d get really weird errors in the linking stage of the main Krita lib, but linking the core lib just worked…

On the other hand, things are hotting up a bit. Patrick Julien is busy as ever with his day (and night) job, but two more people have come on board, and there’s another friendly soul who likes helping me out with performance issues. So — there’s life again in the five year old dog!