A second beta

As Bram notes, Krita still crashes now and then. We did fix most of the performance issues last week, and Krita is unlikely to become any faster before the release. But since the last beta, Krita got about 500 commits; and KOffice as a whole another 1000. KPlato, KSpread, KWord, Kexi, the libraries, KChart, KPresenter. Lots of new code. And as anyone knows, lots of new code means lots of new bugs.

So, fairly unanimously, we decided to do a second beta release and slip the final release until April 11. I do hope the second beta will get a lot of testing: I mean, the first beta was really easy to test thanks to binaries for Debian, Kubuntu and SuSE, not to mention the kliks. Nobody has an excuse for still filing bugs against 1.4.2! Even the first 1.5 beta is much better than the 1.4 series.

And it’s really, really, really, really important that users test these packages. Developers do not find bugs: developers seldom have time to actually use what they work on, and developers know the safe path
through their code instinctively. And we have only a very limited mix of environments. No ppc, for starters, and a small set of distributions.

So: if you’re a user, and if you’ve had a crash in a Krita beta (or in any other KOffice application, but I’m the guy you need to approach for Krita crashes), please, please, mail me the backtrace. I’ll get back to you right speedily and either tell you it’s something I just fixed, it’s something I’m fixing right now, it’s something I will fix soon, or something hard and complicated. If the latter, I’ll ask you to file the bug in kde’s Bugzilla. I don’t need you to look in bugzilla first to check whether it’s a known bug, if it is, I’ll tell you, and still thank you for your help.

Without your reports, the crashes you experience will in all probability not get fixed: it is entirely probable that neither me, nor the other Krita hackers experience those crashes. You get a crash, you mail me — and then I can try to fix it. No report, no fix, and crash bug in Krita 1.5. That’s the deal.

Note that I do not read web forums, do not regularly check blog comments, hardly ever read usenet and am a lot less available on irc than some time ago — you need to mail me (or go to bugzilla directly, but I prefer an initial mail), otherwise I will not see your report.