Another type of plugin

Krita already had filter plugins: filters take pixels as input and produce possibly different pixels as output. Filters in Krita can be used destructively: to change a layer or a mask directly. They can also be used dynamically: either in adjustment layers that filter the result of the layers under the adjustment layer in the layer stack, or as filter masks, that filter the contents of a single layer. Or you can paint with them, and in the future you can associated filter parameters with the pressure, rotation and other types of input from your input device. I’m working on that…

But now, requested by Matthew Woehlke, there’s another type of plugin: generators. Generators take parameters but not pixels as input, and create pixels as output. That’s ideal for things like Apophysis-like plugins. Right now you can only use these generators in Krita on paint devices, as fill types
(similar to solid colors or patterns) with the fill tool or as dynamic layers. Painting should be possible, too, but that needs some work. And it would be nice to use this kind of noise in a transparency mask or in a filter mask: that’s already possible, but not in a dynamic way. There’s just one snag: I’m not a mathematician, so I depend on other people to write nice generator plugins! Matthew has promised to do something Apophysis-like, but we need lots more: flames, clouds, checkers, waves, marbling — for someone with the right kind of knowledge or no compunction about copying code from other free software, the possibilities are endless!