Back in Bangalore

Following hot on the heels of a week of intensive KOffice performance analysis in Helsinki and a great Akademy, I’m in Bangalore again for two weeks. Not specifically to meet again with the Bangalore interns working on FreOffice, but rather to work with Nokia on mobile KOffice. Marijn Kruisselbrink is here together with me, and when we leave, Jos van den Oever will relieve us.

I’m happily hacking away on a project that was started at the last KOffice sprint in Essen: making KOffice more flexible by allowing other canvas types than QWidget-based ones, for instance, based on QGraphicsView. Lots of interesting challenges, and also some quite nice progress already.

Instead of a boring hotel room with four attendants to serve me with a beer, we’ve hired an apartment in the Orchard Suites, about ten minutes by car from the Office.

It’s clean, roomy, the breakfast and dinners are homely (and therefore very good). There’s wifi, there’s electricity — the only minus is that we haven’t found a surefire way of getting back to the apartment from Nokia without missing cabs, auto-drivers who don’t know their way in Bangalore… The works. Tonight we asked the hotel to call us a cab to bring us to the shopping mall nearby where I’d been with Vidhya. He took us to MG Road instead — a 3 hour drive in the evening traffic, so madness!

In any case — moving from the hotel to something more local means I’m learning new things again. This weekend, we’ll be buying books at Blossoms’, seeing the sights with Amit — and then back to hacking!