My laptop was broken — the spacebar had a nasty tendency to stop registering presses if I used the right-hand side of the thing. So I phoned Dell on Friday, and on Tuesday (it being Whitsun weekend) they came to collect it.

And then it was gone… I was in the middle of hacking image and layer scaling and resizing, select-by-color, full-screen windows, a new new image dialog and some other things into Krita, and I had quite a lot to do at work, too, so I really could not do without.

Tuesday and Wednesday I went to work with my old Pismo Powerbook. Let me tell you this: 1024×768 pixels is not enough to do real work with, and besides, OS X is a bugger^W quite unpleasant in daily use. Ugly, fuzzy fonts, tabbing between apps, not windows — try to put an Emacs window and a terminal window next to each other and switch, if you have more terminal windows open — and no delete key.

Thursday and Friday I worked from home, on calcifer, the server that’s bringing this whine to you. It’s a slowpoke, at a mere 1 Ghz, but serviceable. And today, Friday, DHL brought me my laptop back.

The friendly service people in England had not only replaced the keyboard, but also the CPU, or so they said, and had cleaned the fans. Nice…

On the other hand, it looks a lot like they had also replaced the graphics card with a different revision, the keyboard controller (keyboard won’t work with SuSE 9.1, see: /message? and they have disappeared one of the little rubber feet that keep the laptop stable and usable.

Something vital must have changed, because before I could not install Windows from the CD provided with the laptop, and now I can install Windows, but not Linux. Bleh.