Sunday night, at 23:59 GMT (or so I suppose, it’d be a mean trick if we’d keep to Christchurch time) KOffice will freeze. I’m still working on adding at least one painterly feature to Krita — Raph Levien’s Wet Dreams water colour simulation, originally intended for the Gimp — but I need to hack some things into Krita’s internals for that.

Tonight, I took the evening off, and watched Douglas Fairbanks in Thief of Baghdad for the second time, with much pleasure. And I found a really old copy of the Gimp somewhere — a copy dating from the earliest, Motif, days. The Gimp was fast in those days, at least, for starting up. Version 0.54.

It’s funny, Krita still cannot do some of the things this version of the Gimp could do in 1997 — no bezier path selections, for instance, It had better documentation, too.

On the other hand, the Gimp didn’t have layers in 1997, just floating selections, and Krita now has a nice new layers box:

Although I need a better icon for the lock. And I need to implement actual layer locking. But that can be done after the freeze — it’s a bug fix, after all. The watercolour paint layer needs to be done now. The colour picker selection tool, by the way, is done, and I’m pretty satisfied with the way it works. And Adrian and Bart have both committed a host of fixes in the last week. We’re well set to have a stable, reasonably feature-full paint app/image editor for KDE by June 6.