It was quite hard to understand everything on the webcast of the‘s representative at aKademy — Daniel Stone — but the impression I came away with was not favorable. The idea I got was that is led by people who don’t know all that much about KDE, but pretend to set the standard for free desktop environments anyway. And if KDE people don’t work to their agenda, then that’s a pity, but it’s their own fault if there aren’t, for instance, Qt bindings to d-bus. As it appeared, those exist, but Daniel Stone didn’t even know that. I’d expect people who want to set standards, to do that mainly based on existing, deployed, Free software, instead of developing alternatives to existing software. And I expect them to be equally aware of everything out there.

Yes, participating in is an opportunity to help repair the core problems with the Unix/X11 platform, for instance with clipboards, as someone remarked. But as long as the people basically say ‘We’re setting the standards. We’re not terribly interested in what you’re doing, but you’re welcome to come and help us.’, then I’m not much inclined to accept their invitation. Another remark that I didn’t quite catch was on how GTK was to made a Linux Standards Base standard, which Qt couldn’t be — now if that’s true, where are we going with our Free software? After all, GTK is under the Lesser GPL, something that promotes software hoarding by basically giving away Free software to make unFree software with. As I said, I’ll have to listen more carefully to the archived webcast, since the audio quality was quite bad.

Or I’ll be corrected immediately after posting this, and have to mess with History by deleting it and pretending I never wrote it.