How’s Krita shaping up?

(This is a way more personal thing that a Last Week in Krita (which I hope to be writing today as well — and I need to start working on the promo literature for 2.3, work on the manual and the first-run demonstration image) so I’m finally writing about something KDE-related on my own blog again!)

So, to the point: how’s Krita shaping up? I have several times said last year and during this year that I wanted Krita 2.3 to be end-user ready, no excuses. No longer a promising project but a solid deliverable. That doesn’t mean it needs to have every single feature conceivable, but an artist has to be able to sit down in the morning, start Krita, start sketching, painting and at the end of the day, he should have had a smooth experience, a productive day and a desire to put in some more hours in the evening because he’s having fun.

Well, we’re not quite there yet: David Revoy did try to do just this a week or so ago, but there were still annoyances and bugs he ran into. And there are still major bugs and crash bugs — and those will be in Krita 2.3 Beta 1 which should be released soon. Those bugs will block creating a release candidate for Krita 2.3 — and we’re working hard on fixing them.

For 2.3, some features we have been working on haven’t made the cut again — mostly stuff I was working on, like the PSD import filter, the MyPaint brush engine or the color mixing palette. I’ve been absorbed a bit too much by my day job (working on KOffice), writing stuff for and about Krita, and even being a maintainer of an app means that you spend a lot of time  coordinating, not coding. And there’s been a lot going on my private life as well — but that’s not an excuse.

But all in all, and with these caveats — in my opinion Krita has shaped up very well in the past nine months. We went from extremely slow, very abstürzfreudig to pretty smooth and quite dependable. Just check out the art people have created with Krita — and then imagine what is possible with the finished 2.3! (And isn’t the new showcase page nice?) Now for the final lap!