KOffice 1.4.2

Well, I’ve learned a lot, being the release dude for the KOffice 1.4.2 release. I think that I’ve dropped every ball I could possibly drop, but we got the release out in the end. And I know better what to do for the 1.5 release that’s for end of January 2006.

However, what during this release became clearer than ever is that we need to find a way to thoroughly do a functionality test of all of KOffice before releasing. Now we release without even having tested the most basic functionality, just kind of hoping it will work because it worked in the previous release.

Which doesn’t mean that this isn’t the best KOffice release ever, especially Karbon and KWord are now much better and much more stable.

However, it means, of course, that Carsten Lohrke found a crash in Krita within 24 hours of the release… Aargh!