KOffice Graphics Meeting

I may be missing the Libre Graphics Meeting (but Cyrille is going to hold up the Krita banner), but we’ve got our own little KOffice Graphics Meeting here in Deventer this weekend. Peter Simonssen (Kivio), Thorsten Zachmann (KPresenter), Casper Boemann (Krita) and Rob Buis (Karbon14) are here to discuss how we’re going to handle graphical objects in KOffice 2.0.

Rob is right now typing up a list of items from our initial dinner discussion: Common handling of complex graphical objects, connectors, color management, fine-grained application integration (objects, not documents!) and shared canvas have been discussed tonight. And tomorrow we’re going to do some real discussion, design and perhaps even API stubbing.

Thorsten and Casper have arrived — at least, Thorsten has just arrived, but Casper and I have been hacking all day on Krita already.

Rob has joined us.

Peter has arrived from Sweden — time for dinner and initial exploratory discussions, interleaved with preparing the KOffice 1.5 beta 2 release. Tomorrow we’ll do the dot story… Everything is prepared except the kliks, but Kurt Pfeiffle is busy bribing Isaac to prepare the debs…